Nav's Popcorn Subscription Plan

A subscription plan with the most "pop for the price" for you or a friend

Each month's box is filled with 4 bags of freshly, handcrafted gourmet popcorn selected by our team for your enjoyment.

        One 6-cup bag of rich drizzled chocolate or peanut butter popcorn 

        Two 6-cup bags of bold, full flavors - never the same as the month before

        One 1-cup bag of a unique, fun flavor

Nav's Popcorn subscription surpasses all other plans by offering free domestic shipping and cancellation at any time. 

~For the monthly subscription plan, the box will ship on the first Thursday of every month.

~For the bi-monthly subscription plan, the box will ship on the first Thursday of the odd-numbered month.

Nutty for our popcorn? You have the option to subscribe to Nav's Popcorn for the year at a discounted rate!

If you live in the Syracuse area, POP into the James Street shop in Eastwood to grab one of the limited edition monthly subscription plan boxes at a reduced rate of $24.95, while quantities last.

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popcorn kernel.jpg
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NAVS Drizzled Gift Box

NAVS Drizzled Gift Box


Features NAVS four most popular drizzled flavors of popcorn - 6 cups each.


Dark Island - Caramel drizzled with dark chocolate and sea salt

Wellsley Island - Kettlecorn drizzled with milk chocolate

Heart Island - Classic popcorn drizzled with milk chocolate and peanut butter

Mink Island - Caramel drizzled with dark MINT chocolate.


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